Piano Trio: Trilogy
Downing College Service: Downing Choir
Vidi Aquam: St Magnus Choir
Aurora Dances: Trio Sonorité
Nice Mike: Feature Film
Nowell Sing We: Quinborne Choir
The Bee Carol: ORA Singers
The Amherst Chronicles: 2019 HSMF
The Sea!: Composition Competition
Sheet Music Book: Lambert
Vivaldi Dixit Dominus: LCS
Marimba Movie: GBSR Duo
The Darkling Thrush: Polaris
Skissur III: Ólafur Arnalds
Scenes from a Wessex Life: 2018 HSMF
Organ Suite: Paul Ayres
Organ Suite - Premiere
Winter: Cincinnati Camerata
little tree: BBC Singers
Beast: Animation
A Secrets Act: Documentary
Glam Squad: TV Show
Another Day, Another Time: Film
A Bed Without A Quilt: Film
The Shitlist: Documentary
Faithful: Film
At the Café Chichi: Animation
Retro: Game
Popcorn Quiz: TV Show
Uptown Junk: TV Show
Friend: Film
Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou: Animation
Médecins Sans Frontières: Promo Film
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